Heartbroken NYC Dog Owner Calls Mayor Eric Adams, NYPD to Find Puppy’s Killer

The heartbroken Park Slope woman whose dog was killed by a madman in Prospect Park makes a desperate plea to Mayor Eric Adams to catch the creep.

“You claim responsibility is yours when it comes to the NYPD,” Jessica Chrustic said Saturday. “I am shocked and heartbroken that months after I was assaulted and my dog ​​was killed in Prospect Park, there is still no real resolution or justice in this case. Indeed, it is fair to say that I have been victimized twice; once by my attacker, and again by the negligence of the NYPD.

Chrustic said she was re-traumatized on Friday when she went out on her own to try to find the attacker after someone alerted her to a sighting in the park.

“I’m kept awake at night with the thought that my abuser will continue to endanger others who are more vulnerable than me – an elderly person walking in the park, another pet, a child. Does someone have to be killed before the NYPD can do their job? she asked, addressing the mayor.

She described the experience as traumatic for her.
Chrustic went in search of the assailant herself on Friday.

Chrustic said it took the NYPD 40 minutes to arrive on Friday after she told them the drifter had been spotted. The man doused her with a bottle of urine on August 3 and beat her and her dog, Moose, with a stick. The golden retriever mix died a few days later.

“When I left the house, two people had already called 911. I thought I was going to get to the park and they would be there any second,” she said. She didn’t think she would end up following the man through the park.

The man had hit his dog and sprayed her with a bottle of urine.
The Brooklyn burial place for Chrustic’s golden retriever mix, Moose.

When Chrustic located the wanderer, he came towards her with what she thought was a mace and then a stick. She ran for her life.

“I don’t even know what else to say. I don’t know what else to do,” she said. “I did almost everything I could to [NYPD’s] work as simple as possible. I can’t do their job for them.

The attack rocked Park Slope, which saw a Guardian Angels-style patrol group form and disband just as quickly. Further sightings of the vagrant have also not resulted in an arrest.

The NYPD said it surveyed the area on Friday but did not find the suspect and the investigation is ongoing.