Family reunited with dog who disappeared 6 months ago and found 60 miles away

A Michigan family has found their dog six months after she went missing. The pup went missing in Ingham County and was eventually found in Livonia, 60 miles away.

It’s an incredible story that the Campos family calls a Christmas miracle.

Last summer, Pablo and Andrea Campos dropped off their dog, Tawny, at a location in Ingham County and went on vacation to Traverse City.

After only a few days, however, they received a call that Tawny was missing. She had probably been spooked by fireworks and scaled an 8ft fence.

So they came running back from their vacation to look for her.

“We went door to door to people’s homes and searched for weeks and weeks and weeks and she was nowhere to be found,” they said.

Now, just before Christmas, she’s back home

“We thought of her as a princess who needed a lot of care. And somehow she managed to live on her own and get by,” they said.

But how did this happen?

Somehow, Tawny found herself nearly 60 miles from where she disappeared, living in the woods behind the Merriman Road post office in Livonia.

The postmen fed her from time to time and eventually decided she needed more help as the weather was getting cold.

A video from the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery showed them trapping Tawny.

They were then able to scan her for a chip which led them to Mosaic Animal Rescue and Lynnda Malone, a friend of the Campos family.

“She had a lot of good people who took care of her. She has guardian angels watching over her,” Malone said.

Now the Campos family is so grateful to the good people at the Livonia Post Office and everyone who helped Tawny along the way.

“I know there are so many clichés about Christmas miracles, but we really, actually have one,” Andrea said.