Effort to rescue dog stranded on Cranberry Lake Island spans 29 days

After 29 days of trying to trap a Great Dane named Zaria who was lost on an island in Cranberry Lake, Moore’s Lost K9 Search & Recovery is now leaving the island, according to a Facebook post on their page. Instead, Zaria’s recovery efforts will be managed by Clare County Animal Control.

In the message, they say they will be leaving on September 16 and have left enough food and water to last him at least two days. They say animal control plans to set another trap for Zaria on Friday.

Moore states in his post that they “rebuilt trust with Zaria and conditioned her for the trap”. They claim Zaria fell for the trap multiple times on Thursday and has become more comfortable with each visit.

Thursday afternoon, as they were removing the equipment, Moore says Zaria came to watch them. According to the post, they waited off the island for 30 minutes to allow him to eat before returning to collect the rest of their gear.

Moore’s believes Zaria is conditioned and ready for the trap due to her behavior over the past 29 days around traps, K9 trackers and themselves.