‘Dream’ Backyard Dog’s Reaction to Apartment Life Melts Hearts

A dog’s adorable reaction to his spacious new yard after living in an apartment has gone viral on TikTok.

The video, posted by goldendoodle owner izzamaae, has racked up over 200,000 likes and a million views, and shows Luka entering his new home for the very first time.

Goldendoodle in the garden.
A photo of goldendoodle running in the grass. A video has gone viral of an ecstatic goldendoodle running around his new garden.
Jennifer McCallum/iStock/Getty Images Plus

A caption reads: “Luka has always been an apartment dog. He doesn’t know it, we gave him the garden of his dreams.”

The adorable mix between a golden retriever and a poodle can’t believe his eyes as he waits patiently for his owner to open the doors to the freshly cut grass.

You can watch the heartwarming moment here:

The sweet moment of Luka strutting around in his new garden has received over 700 comments since it was posted on August 31.

Dog food brand Purina says golden retrievers need a garden because they have so much energy, and that explains why Luka is so happy in the video.

Goldendoodle playing outdoors.
A stock photo of goldendoodle with his ball. A dog’s reaction to his new garden has gone viral online.
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The top comment received over 5,000 likes: “He’s like mom, I can RUN here!!”

A majority of comments are elated for Luka, such as one posted by Vanessascraftycreations, which received over 2,000 likes: “He looked at dad and said ‘why don’t you leash me?’ So happy for you guys and Luka!”

Another TikToker writes, “He probably thinks…my mom and dad bought me my own park!!!”

However, some users have chosen to focus on the term “apartment dog”, and they are not impressed.

Attracting nearly 1,550 likes, goodboyaries users said: “I refused to have my pup until we had a house with a yard that I personally couldn’t handle having a dog in apartments , I felt so bad.”

Another TikToker agreed, writing, “Dogs should have space to express their natural behavior all the time. Not just an hour’s walk a day!”

Now Luka can now enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of his home.

Dog in fenced garden.
An image of a Jack Russell Terrier running in a backyard with steel fence and green lawn. It is important for dog owners to ensure that their garden is dog friendly.
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In the video a tall fence is visible which is important for medium to large dogs to ensure they don’t escape.

According to Purina, there are a number of things dog owners should consider to ensure they have a dog-friendly garden, such as avoiding plants like lilies, azaleas, daffodils, tomatoes , foxgloves, yews and hydrangeas which could cause irritation or poisoning.

Avoid using cocoa shavings in the garden as an alternative to bark, as they are also toxic to dogs.

Another tip for outdoor dogs is to provide shelter from wind and water. It can also serve as sun protection on the hottest days.

If the temperature reaches unusually high or low levels, bring your dog inside, even though they are usually an outdoor dog.

Newsweek has contacted izzamaae for comment.

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