Dog walking down the aisle in a custom wedding outfit, people are obsessed

The internet rejoiced over a video of a dog stealing the show at a wedding ceremony.

Shared on TikTok on Wednesday by Costa and Mason, a Barcelona-based wedding planning service, the video which has amassed more than 2 million views shows a little dog trotting down the aisle in a personalized dress to deliver the wedding rings for the big one. moment.

“This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” one TikTok user said, while another wrote, “The little dress you kidding me is adorable.”

Dogs have become increasingly popular additions to weddings, with a quarter of almost-married dog owners planning to enlist their dog to play a starring role on their wedding day, with some choosing the dog over a friend as bridesmaid.

More than half of couples want their pet to be the ring bearer on their big day, while 34% of brides want their dog to walk them down the aisle and 17% plan to include their pet company in their first dance.

But Zoe Burke, marriage expert and editor of, said Newsweek that couples should think about before considering including their pet in a wedding: “As nice as it is to have your dog walking down the aisle with you, there are a number of things to consider before from making the decision to have a pet-friendly marriage.From venue permission and allergies to training and training runs, there are a lot of things to consider before deciding to include your dog on your wedding day.”

Photo of a dog in a dress
An image of a Yorkshire terrier in a white dress, dressed up for a wedding. The internet was left in turmoil after a viral video showed how a dog stole the show at a wedding in a custom dress.
Mariia Romanyk/Getty Images

The TikTok video also seemed to inspire others, with many friends and tagging partners in the comments to express how they wanted to invite their dog to their big day.

“I want this at my wedding,” one viewer said, while another said, “I really want this with my dog.”

“I would say it’s only really a good idea if your pup is well trained,” Burke warned, “And you have someone on hand designated to look after him for the day – or somewhere safe. so he can spend some time away from the chaos of the wedding – once they’ve done their homework.”

Others raved about the pup’s personalized dress, with some suggesting the dog itself looked a bit like a bride: ‘Run away the bride,’ one commenter joked while another simply said, ‘I’m crying .”

If you’re considering including your pet in your wedding plans, Burke says there are important things to check, including whether the venue is pet-friendly, who will be looking after the dog during the day, and how will the pet be cared for during such a busy time?

“Being able to include your beloved pet in your wedding is an amazing thing, but it has to work out on a practical level for you, your guests, the wedding venue, and most importantly, your pet,” a- she explained.

Newsweek contacted Costa and Mason for comment.

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