Dog stolen at gunpoint found dead – NBC4 Washington

After a month of searching, Bruno, the bull dog who was robbed at gunpoint in northwest DC in April, was found dead in Clinton, Maryland on Sunday morning, according to the Prince George’s County Department of Environment.

Bruno’s owner, Jamaica Harvey, said she was heartbroken.

“He’s not just a dog, he’s part of my family and he deserves justice,” Harvey said.

On April 13, Harvey’s boyfriend was walking Bruno in Brightwood Park when four boys jumped out of an SUV with a gun, demanded the dog and drove off.

Bruno’s body was identified by his microchip, but the cause and time of death remain unclear, according to DC police.

“He was an amazing dog and I’m getting a little emotional right now, but I would never take the fact that I knew this dog for granted,” Harvey said.

On the same day in April, within minutes, the thieves drove into Shaw’s neighborhood and stole another dog named Pablo. They then drove to Eckington and shot dead two people.

DC police found Pablo the next day at a house in northeast DC and reunited him with his owners, Rick and Abby.

“When we got the call, it was just a huge weight on our shoulders and just immediate happiness, tears,” said Rick Olecka, Pablo’s owner.

Harvey says she’s at least closed now and is grateful to everyone who looked for Bruno.

“Anyone who has helped me, I just want to say thank you and I appreciate that, and I love the DC community, you’ve helped me so much,” Harvey said.

Harvey said she was now working to collect Bruno’s ashes and bring him home one last time to say goodbye.

DC police arrested seven people, four adults and three children, at the home where they found Pablo the puppy in April. The adults were released without charge.