Dog saves 84-year-old man stuck in embankment


(Photo credit: Hillary Kladke via Getty)

Our dogs are important parts of our lives that undoubtedly enhance our happiness. Dogs can lower blood pressure, increase serotonin, and generally help us feel happier at home. However, it would be an overstatement for most of us to say that our dogs physically saved our lives.

But, for one lucky 84-year-old parent stuck in an embankment, his pup was ready to help if needed.

dog on a mission

At 6:30 p.m., a Massachusetts man took his puppy for a walk. As a rule, the pair returns after half an hour. When the man’s dog came home still on a leash without anyone accompanying him, the man’s wife knew something was wrong. She contacted the police. At 9:30 p.m., the police were dispatched. The man, who has mobility issues, fell from a steep 20ft embankment. He had called for help for hours, to no avail. Without the help of his faithful companion, it might have taken much longer for anyone to realize that he was in danger.

Would my dog ​​help me if needed?

While this pup’s heroic actions deserve praise, some of us may wonder if our own dogs would help us if we got into trouble. Sure, they may love us, but would they know what to do?

Regardless of their breed or how long they have known their human family, many dogs act quickly in dangerous situations. From a clever Golden Retriever who defended his dog parents against a rattlesnake strike to the pup who spent four days protecting his trapped owner, acts of heroism are surprisingly common with our beloved dogs. It may be true that dogs save us as much as we save them!