Dog owners claim local trainer neglected animals

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – We’re hearing more horror stories involving a local Albuquerque dog trainer. Dozens of people have reached out to us in the past few weeks since the original story by Lisa Berry, the owner of Duke City Dog Academy.

Many claim she charged thousands of dollars for a few weeks of dog boarding and training, only to return the dogs weeks after her promise, with noticeable weight loss, injuries and other trauma.

On Tuesday night, a group of victims and others affected by Berry came together to speak up for the voiceless animals, hoping this case will reach the mayor’s office, Animal Welfare and other law enforcement agencies.

Some say they’ve been asking for help for years and are finally starting to see some power in numbers.

“These people need justice, and we’ve been through so much over the years, trying to shed some light on that. And I’m here to help those victims and help those animals that don’t have a voice.

Berry’s newest company, Duke City Dog Academy, closed last week.

KOB 4 reached out to Berry to comment on our original story. She blamed illness, family emergencies and other employees for the conditions of the dogs she was paid to train.