Dog dyed to look like The Grinch sparks anger on TikTok

A woman has angered TikTok users after having her dog groomed. Photo/TikTok

An American has angered the internet after having her dog groomed to look like The Grinch.

Ashley Speilmann, from Illinois, took to TikTok this week to share a clip of her family dog ​​— a miniature schnauzer named Rizzo — after Rizzo went to the groomers.

In the photos, Rizzo’s fur had been dyed green, red and white to look like The Grinch in a Santa costume.


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The dog was dyed green with a red Santa outfit in white.  Photo/TikTok
The dog was dyed green with a red Santa outfit in white. Photo/TikTok

“When your groomer kills by turning your dog into The Grinch,” she wrote on the clip.

Many were unimpressed with Ashley’s actions.

“This dog didn’t ask for this to be done to him,” said one.

Another added: “The dog looks so sad.”


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” I’m coming. wouldn’t,” one added, while another called the four-legged dog a “poor baby.”

The groomer behind the design, Hailey Degner, told US radio show 23WIFR that the dyes were vegan and non-toxic.

But others defended the mom, who said it was Rizzo’s first Christmas with the Jim Carey movie-loving family that inspired the look.

“I love it! IDC what everyone says! It looks great,” one said.



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Others said they wanted to do the same with their furry friends.

The clip has had over 11.5 million views and over 11,000 comments.