Dog blinded after ingesting oxycodone on a walk in Santa Monica

A dog has gone blind after its owner said he ingested a dose of oxycodone while the two were out for a walk last week.

Lori Burns was out with her pup, Chance the Rapper (the dog) on ​​a walk along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica last Sunday, when she says Chance was suddenly breathing heavily and finally collapsed. Burns took Chance to the emergency vet where he was told he had ingested oxycodone and was now blind.

She says the vet told her that incidents like this are more common than people realize, but they usually happen when a dog walks into a medicine cabinet, not just randomly on the sidewalk. Oxycodone turned out to be the only foreign substance in the dog’s system, and Burns says no one in her family takes the drug, so Chance definitely found it on their walk, but she’s not sure exactly where. . She just says she’s grateful she acted quickly.

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“If I could give people one message, it’s to know your surroundings and know where to go.” Burns said: “Because if I hadn’t gone to the animal hospital and brought him home, he would have died.

Chance had further tests recently, where doctors told Burns he had some activity in his retina, so he may not be completely blind.