Dog Allergies Rise During Fall Months

QUINCY (WGEM) – As the weather turns colder and the leaves begin to fall, some may notice seasonal allergies picking up in intensity.

This impact is not limited to people, however, as it can also affect dogs.

Dr. Dallas Duncan-Klauser, a veterinarian at Quincy Animal Medical Clinics, said dogs often suffer from flea allergies during the fall months, but pollen can also affect them.

These allergens are in addition to the usual allergies that often affect dogs, such as food allergies.

Dr. Duncan-Klauser said allergies in dogs are a little different from human allergies because they often manifest as skin problems.

“Often we first notice allergies in dogs when they have chronic ear infections, they lick their paws or chew their feet. If they have a flea allergy, they will actually chew the tail area. said Dr. Duncan-Klauser.

She said these conditions can even become quite severe if left unchecked, leading to skin lesions or staph infections.

That’s why she said it’s important to schedule a meeting with a vet as soon as you notice problems starting to arise.

“Absolutely, as soon as they start seeing any itching or digging or they notice that there have been chronic ear infections, they should definitely see their vet, and they and their vet can discuss diagnostic plans and treatment options,” Dr. Duncan-Klauser said.

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