‘DC has a huge dog theft problem’ – Fortunately, a recently stolen fifth pup has been reunited with its mother and siblings thanks to the Humane Rescue Alliance (still looking for 2 more pups)

“Dear Popville,

There is a sign in my neighborhood on G and 4th NW of “Rehoming Puppies” “Poodles, Yorkies & More”. DC has a huge problem with dog theft and as a dog owner I want to report this sign because myself and other dog owners in the area are a bit tired of it and want to remind other pet owners to continue to be aware of their surroundings while walking their dog and being extra careful.

From the Humane Rescue Alliance:

“Last night we reunited a FIFTH pup from Godiva’s litter, named Oli, with his mother and siblings. We will work with the family that brought Oli to return him to them once he is older and strong enough to be separated from Godiva.

Each reunion brings tears of joy to our eyes and gives us new hope that the remaining puppies will be reunited with Godiva and their siblings.

Last month, we found the sweet Godiva tied to a post – abandoned and alone. Her seven 3.5-week-old puppies had been kidnapped, snatched away and denied their right to grow and learn from their mother and siblings during their critical period of development. It broke our hearts and we vowed to do everything we could to reunite the whole family.

We are still looking for two of Godiva’s seven pups, and are offering a reward of up to $7,500 for information leading to their whereabouts or safe return. Photos of their birth are here. All tips can be reported anonymously to HRA at 202-723-5730.

For case updates, visit humanerescuealliance.org/godivas-puppies.