Costco’s Hilarious New Dog Toys Are Bigger Than Ever

Dog toys are always a big deal for the popular wholesaler, including Costco’s latest dog party pack featuring wine and cheese toys that also comes with a small Costco Executive Dog Membership plush. One TikToker even claimed he would buy a set even if he didn’t own a dog. Not only are there a number of dog-friendly products on the Costco website, @costcohotfinds recently posted a new Fido find and its sheer size has social media users pledging to buy some for their own dogs as soon as possible. as possible.

In the Instagram post, @costcofinds features the Gnawsome Mega BBQ Toy Pack for $10.99 which contains a sweet, chunky slice of bacon and a similarly sized chicken drumstick. Needless to say, they’re both large and comparable to the dog holding them in the Instagram video, making them perfect cuddly playmates for any pooch. Instagrammers largely agreed, with one saying, “I’m in love, my dog ​​is going crazy,” while another user claimed Costco has the best dog toys. Although Costco’s pineapples are bigger than those at other retailers, its new dog products also seem to be growing in size, and according to social media users, they’re downright adorable.