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Chart Js Width Height Responsive. This is because chart.js will adapt the height of the chart depending on the width since the maintainaspectratio option is set to true by default. { beginatzero:true } }] } }

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If the canvas style defines width: We set the margin prop to set the margins of the bar chart. Once you do that. the chart should have responsive width but fixed height.

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True the canvas will ignore the width and height parameters and grow always 100% of the outer container. Making chart js responsive in angular.

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If the height is not set for the chart container. defaults to 400. To test. if you are on desktop right now. resize the screen to see how this horizontal bar chart changes to a.

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With the @2.8 release you can pass two additional props. { beginatzero:true } }] } }

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The chart below changes it structure based on whether it is viewed on desktop or mobile. Description make font size of labels in charts.js responsive resultview the demo in separate window html head title data labels responsive font /title

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You can make the responsive by adding a preserveaspectratio attribute of xminymin meet. and a viewbox attribute of 0 0 width height.where width and height are the width and height of your graph. As long as the is responsive. the content you add with d3 will scale automatically.

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In that. we need to set the responsive property to true. Specify responsive:true. property under options.

To Change The Bar Color. We Set The Fill Prop To The Value We Want.

50%. that will be ignored and i dont think chart.js will implement that soon though (too tricky to support all relative units. i.e. Resizes the chart canvas when its container does (important note.). We suggest not to set width/height property unless it is really required.

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Instead. you should wrap the chart in a container and let the layout engine do the job: I wanted to make a container of 100% width and 400px height although of course chart.js responsive height overrides anyway i add. Once you do that. the chart should have responsive width but fixed height.

The Problem Is That The Smaller The Width Gets. The Harder It Is To Read Our Graph Because Of The.

Invalid behavior. the canvas is resized but becomes blurry ; Note that this option is ignored if the height is. { beginatzero:true } }] } }

Block Instead Define A Class For The Enclosing Div. And Define Its Height In Css.

To make this work correctly you must remove the embedded (and unnecessary) style=display: Invalid behavior. the canvas is resized but becomes blurry ; Bar chart with 3 data series.

True The Chart Will Fill The Width Of The Parent Container Whatever The Initial Width/Height Value.

If the canvas style defines width: The is the element you need to make responsive. Tue jun 23. 2015 9:53 am.