Bethel shelter dog with missing eye participating in Puppy Bowl

For Travis Bliss, the quest for the “perfect puppy” led him and his wife to Stardust, a poodle and Australian Shepherd mix who was up for adoption from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS) in Bethel. “My wife and I were totally okay with the fact that there are so many dogs…with so many stories … Read more

Investigation reveals truth behind ‘dog shaming’

(Photo credit: Chris Amaral/Getty Images) From Forbes, a new survey of US counselors asked dog parents about “dog shaming.” Commonly seen on social media, parents of upset dogs will display their puppies, sometimes in costume, with posters broadcasting their bad behavior. After surveying 2,000 American dog parents, Forbes found that most dog parents (56%) had … Read more

Milwaukee man charged; hitting a woman, strangling a dog

article MILWAUKEE – A 39-year-old Milwaukee man is charged with punching a woman and strangling a dog on the south side of town. Antonio Rivera now faces the following criminal charges: The abuse of animals battery offense Disorderly conduct According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee police responded to the residence near 13th and Lincoln Avenue … Read more

Cobb County Courier Dog of the Day: “Let’s think about this step by step. You need a dog. I need a home. Adopting me is a win-win!

The Cobb County Mail Day Dog, selected from the Cobb Animal Shelter website, is a brown/white male dachshund. The following information about this potential family member is copied and pasted from the animal shelters website. To see the original text, visit this link to the catalog of animal shelters. Remember that by adopting a pet … Read more