Calm Pitbull dog’s bath time and grooming routine are impressing netizens. Watch | Tendency

If you are someone who has pets or is familiar with the type of behavior they exhibit in certain situations, you may know that most of them try to escape and run away from time. of the bath. And this is a similarity between most dogs whose videos can be seen all over the internet and even in real life. But this particular video that was shared on Instagram shows how a Pitbull dog can be seen taking a shower. But that’s not all, the extreme calm with which he approaches the whole routine surprised many people and will probably have the same effect on you too.

“Just so calm and peaceful when you take a bath,” reads the caption this dog video was shared with on Instagram. The caption is accompanied by the emoji of smiling faces with hearts for eyes. The caption also credits the Instagram page named @seuamigopitbull for the original video. The entire video traces this furball’s bath time, brushing and even grooming routine.

Watch the video below:

Shared on September 5, this video has received over 22,500 likes so far.

One Instagram user commented, “The face at the end is priceless.” “God, how do I bring my baby to this stage of life,” another person who also happens to be a pet parent hilariously asked. “Every furry baby should have a bath like this,” a third remarked.