Bridgeport woman says her dog was stolen from her yard and then returned to her after paying a reward

Mary Hill could neither eat nor sleep. Hill said she was just doing the moves for the week and a half her dog Sassy wasn’t home.

“My dog ​​was stolen from my yard – a fenced yard,” Hill told News 12. “Someone came in and chased her.”

It happened Sept. 5 in the 300 block of Alpine Street in Bridgeport where Hill lives. She said a security camera captured everything, but the video was too blurry.

“I called the police. I called the pound. I went out looking for him,” Hill recalled.

Hill said she made flyers that she posted around town promising a big reward and was not asked if Sassy was back.

“I just wanted my dog,” Hill explained. “I was definitely devastated.”

She said calls and texts from private numbers came in claiming to have found the dog and asking for the reward.

“One of them said, ‘My friend has your dog, and I don’t like friends who steal, so are you going to give me the reward money? I said, ‘Yeah, bring just me my dog.'”

Hill and Sassy tied the knot a week ago. Hill told News 12 she paid $1,000 and, as promised, did not ask for details or notify the police.

“I just gave them the money and they just disappeared,” Hill said. “They cut her hair. They cut her tail hair. They slaughtered her.”

She said other than that, Sassy is doing well and happy to be home. Hill shared her story as a warning to other dog owners.

“I’m so grateful to have her back,” Hill said.