Best games where you can play as a dog

There have been many games over the years featuring canine companions (for good reason: what game isn’t enhanced by the presence of a dog?). Many games have capitalized on the human need to care for a companion dog, and owning a virtual pet has remained popular since the 90s, with games like Nintendogs (and the Petz series of PC games before that) still boasting a dedicated fan base to this day.

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However, if players really want to play as a dog themselves, there are fewer titles to choose from. Still, players can find a pretty decent range of dog characters to play as, from fuzzy bobblehead pets to sassy dog ​​sleuths to pipe-smoking, knife-wielding warriors. There are also some amazing games on this list, and lesser-known titles that dog fanatics may not have heard of yet.


seven Isle of Dogs (2007)

Released in 2007, isle of dogs places the player directly in the skin (or rather in the paws) of a dog with a giant head. It’s a bit like animal crossing, but with 100% canines. Players must explore new areas, bark to defend themselves against hostile creatures (including snakes, bears, gorillas, and bats), and complete tasks to ensure the happiness and well-being of other dogs in bobbing head.

The story is surprisingly deep: the main character is on a mission to find a cure for his sick brother, only to find himself caught in a storm. They hear rumors about a legendary flower to cure disease, but only dogs who are truly in touch with nature can find it. It had average reviews when it was released, but it’s very cute and especially appealing to young gamers.

6 Tales of Vesperia (2008)

Tales of Vesperia is an action RPG and the tenth main title of the Tales of series. It’s a fan favorite for many players, combining fun mechanics, an engaging story, and interesting and brave characters. Including Repede, Yuri Lowell’s sidekick. He fights with daggers and smokes a pipe. Quite unusual for a dog.

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Repede is an incredibly useful character. He is fast and agile and can dodge some attacks. He can steal items from opponents and can increase the effectiveness of those items. The fact that he’s a dog is just a side bonus.

5 PaRappa the rapper (1997)

A familiar face for any 90s gamer, PaRappa the rapper has to be the coolest video game dog ever. PaRappa is on a mission to impress his friend by rapping (of course), but it’s a tough challenge that gets more complex as the game progresses.

PaRappa is known for its iconic style, quirky characters, and sense of humor. It’s also considered one of the first true rhythm games, and it sparked a wave of similar rhythm game titles in the years to come. A challenging game to master, with a truly iconic dog.

4 Bolt (2008)

The video game linked to the adorable film of the same name, Lock lets players control both the super dog himself and his owner, Penny. Players will complete missions based on the fictional universe of the TV series (as established by the film), defeating enemies and unlocking new areas.

Bolt is a fun dog to control, as he has some pretty decent powers, including Superbark and Laser Eyes. The game has mixed reviews and the storyline isn’t as thrilling as the movie, but being able to blast enemies using laser eye power is quite fun.

3 Sam and Max Hit the Road (1993)

An iconic duo, Sam and Max have been solving crimes for decades. In Sam and Max hit the road, players take control of Sam, a 6-foot-tall costumed dog detective, solving puzzles in a point-and-click adventure. Sam is a bit slower to turn violent than his partner, and his own sense of (relative) calm makes him a good best friend to Max.

There have been several Sam and Max games over the years, from early point-and-click adventures to Sam & Max: this time it’s virtuala VR adventure game released in 2021. It’s quite an epic journey.

2 Okami (2006)

Okami is known for its painterly, cel-shaded art style, and it remains beloved by gamers to this day. The player controls Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, in her wolf form. Using the celestial brush, they must “draw” on the screen (using the analog stick of a DualShock controller or by pointing with the Wii Remote, Joy-Con or PS Move controller) by using different shapes. A line, for example, will slash an enemy, while a whirlwind will summon a strong wind.

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The interesting gameplay mixed with touching story and unique art style makes Okami a memorable game and is considered by some to be one of the best Wii games of all time. Additionally, players can control a literal wolf goddess. What could be better?

1 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)

Originally developed for the GameCube, but first released for the Wii in 2006, Twilight Princess is a beloved entry in the series and was the best-selling Zelda game until breath of the wild arrived in 2017. In Twilight Princess, Link must prevent Hyrule from being swallowed by the Twilight Realm, a dark parallel dimension. To do this, he occasionally takes the form of a wolf.

It’s amazing to play as Link in a whole new form and sprinting, jumping and attacking like a wolf in the Twilight Realm is a joy. No wonder fans always beg Nintendo to bring Twilight Princess at the switch.

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