At this Atlanta company, Imani the shop dog is king

“Imani”, the customer service dog of the downtown Atlanta store of the same name, is quite demanding. He likes some people who walk into the store at 106 North East St., and others he ignores.

It’s hard to ignore Imani. The Chihuahua dog is so small that it is easy to get under its feet.

Imani is owned by store owner Tori James, but the resale store itself is owned by Imani. It’s in the store’s ad. The store is called “Imani’s Happy Place”, and Imani is featured in writings and pictures throughout.

No wonder Imani can be so demanding. He is famous in his place.

Downtown Atlanta is a haven for commercial pets as well as retail customers. Several stores have animals that reside in the stores all the time or at least part of the time.

Newkirk Feed Store often has a dog or cat at checkout. Melissa Smith at Ole Rustic Treasures has both caged birds and a dog to chirp and clap. Imani sees “Lilli” the golden retriever daily as she walks down the street by Atlanta Flower Shop owners Misti and Scott Carter.

Imani throws a fit through the glass at Lilli, but nothing comes of it.

For some reason, downtown Atlanta feels like a country gathering place. This may be because the area has several wide main streets, train tracks, many pigeons flying overhead, and several flat, open plazas that may have once been stockyards or farmers’ markets.

In any case, you almost expect to see a pet or a bird when entering a store in downtown Atlanta. They are definitely good company for the store owner and a good talking point for the customer.

For her case, Imani has those big eyes that seem to be calling for acceptance. But if he ignores you and goes back under his blanket in the box at the front door, don’t feel bad. This is Imani’s happy place. He is happy to know you.


No, it’s not a pet store. It’s just that “Imani” is the star dog here, and owner Tori James has made her pet Chihuahua a symbol of a happy place. The resale store is at 106 North East Street in Atlanta. (photo by Neil Abeles)


Imani the Chihuahu is the model of happiness and seductive gaze of any artist. (photo by Neil Abeles)


Tori James has made her resale boutique in downtown Atlanta a fun place to be, whether the customer walks in or not. Just drop by and enjoy “Imani’s Happy Place”. PS: Imani, the dog, has his sofa just down to the left of the front door. (photo by Neil Abeles)