ALX Dog Walk Launches Green Team Volunteer Program

a flyer saying Green Team and showing a cardboard box, garden gloves and a shirt
Courtesy of Julie Chapman

ALEXANDRIA, VA–ALX Dog Walk announces the launch of Green teama community plastic/garbage collection program that equips volunteer groups throughout the city of Alexandria with supplies and inspiration to pick up plastic debris/garbage monthly while socializing, building community and doing green jobs! (Volunteers can even bring dogs, if you wish!)

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Thanks to the funds raised during the dog walk last April, the first twenty teams formed will receive a superb and FREE Green team kit with the following supplies: 10 pairs of green biodegradable bamboo gloves; 10 green sticks to catch waste; a supply of biodegradable and/or recycled garbage bags; and a t-shirt for the team leader. Teams can also choose to order t-shirts/hoodies to show their spirit in the community.

ALX Dog Walk Founder, Julie Chapman, said, “There’s nothing more satisfying than making a visible impact on the community while having fun with old and new friends. We hope to give a lot Green Team Kits in the years to come !”

Starting a Green team in your neighborhood requires just a few simple steps: 1) send an e-mail to [email protected]; 2) register your team for the ALX Dog Walk; 3) expect delivery to your door of a Green team kit; 4) recruit a team of volunteers and choose a time and place to meet once a month; and 5) start doing green jobs and have fun!

ALX Dog Walk, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, strives to educate people through the DMV about plastic-free and sustainable living while helping to beautify and protect the environment from city ​​of Alexandria (the location of its annual dog walk!).

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What do you get when you gather a bunch of fun people and arm them with green plastic tongs and bamboo gloves? Answer: A green team!

The ALX Dog Walk, a 501(c)(3) that aims to educate people about plastic-free and sustainable living, forms Green teams around the city of Alexandria (the location of his annual dog walk!). Each Green team picks a spot in the community, and once a month they get together for a morning walk to pick up plastic and other debris and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the area while doing green jobs.

Teams can choose to meet up afterwards to continue socializing too! To show appreciation, the Alexandria Business Community is offering special coupons and activities to those who participate!

Funds raised from the April 2022 dog walk allow ALX Dog Walk to purchase supplies for 20 Green teams in 2022 (and we’re just getting started!). Each volunteer team leader receives a Green team kit including:

  • 10 green waste recovery tools
  • 10 green bamboo/rubber gloves
  • A supply of garbage bags made of biodegradable and/or recycled materials
  • Coupons from local businesses (that demonstrate plastic-free or sustainable practice in their store) to show their appreciation for your volunteering!
  • A Team Leader Volunteer t-shirt

To serve as Green team leader and receive a kit to organize a team, please email: [email protected]

Do green jobs!

For more information, contact Julie Chapman at [email protected]/703-717-3672

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