Alaskan law officer killed while trying to keep muskoxen away from kennel

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska State Troopers forensic services officer died Tuesday after being attacked by a muskox outside his home near Nome, the agency said.

Curtis Worland was trying to scare off a group of musk oxen near a kennel at his home when one of the animals attacked him, according to a statement from soldiers that Worland was pronounced dead at the scene.

Court Services Officers are law enforcement officers who provide prisoner transportation services, courthouse security and a court documentation service, Trooper spokesman Austin McDaniel said.

He couldn’t immediately tell how many animals were part of the group Worland was trying to drive away.

Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, and the State Department of Fish and Wildlife are investigating.

Musk oxen are stocky, long-haired animals with slight bumps and horns on the shoulders and can weigh up to 800 pounds (363 kilograms), according to the Department of Fish and Game.