Abandoned dog on the road in Greenville Co.

GREENVILLE CO., SC (FOX Carolina) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a dog was found abandoned on the side of a road in Greenville Co.

Surveillance video shared with FOX Carolina appears to show a white SUV pulling up along a road off New Easley Hwy, letting a dog get out of the car, then driving off. This dog can be seen running after the car.

“We ended up playing a video and figured out yes, the pup was dumped,” Rod Hodgson said.

The incident happened on August 19 right outside Hodgson’s house.

“This pup was loyal to someone because he was chasing the vehicle and then he stopped here after he got a little exhausted and said okay I’ll wait here and he did,” said he declared.

Hodgson says the dog was nervous at first, but eventually he and his wife were able to get close enough.

The couple took the dog to the vet to be microchipped and then to the Humane Society for a checkup when they couldn’t find a microchip.

Hodgson eventually posted the surveillance video on social media in hopes someone would recognize the dog or the car.

“Anger. Yeah, anger, disgust at how someone could do this to a helpless animal,” Ken and Vicki DiPrete said.

The DiPretes saw the Facebook post and a week later adopted the dog, now named Lucky, into their family.

“He got along well with our dog Blue, they are inseparable now. They are in the garden playing. With our two cats, he just comes up and checks on them, and leaves them alone. He fits right into the family, as he should,” Ken explained.

Hodgson says this isn’t the first time a dog, or something else, has been dumped near his home.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office confirms that they are looking for the car in the video, referenced as a Jeep Liberty in the incident report.

Hodgson wants people to know that even if you’re in a tough spot, that’s not the answer.

“There are places, there are rescues that will take these animals and put them in good homes,” he said.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office at 864-271-5210 or CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.