A water rescue dog retrieves a stranded 2,800 pound boat before a storm hits. Watch the video

During an extraordinary rescue operation, a dog pulled a 2,800-pound boat stranded on a lake in Beltzville, Pennsylvania, USA, in the middle of a strong current.

The clip shared by ABC News on Instagram shows the dog pulling the beached boat using a rope attached to it. The dog is seen slowly moving the boat to safety amid the water currents.

Initially, the video was shared by Instagram user that_nepa_newfie and according to the post, the dog Oakley turned the boat against the current and then pulled it with a rope through its mouth. Until the boat reached a shallow depth, the dog pulled it and the rescue personnel took the rope from the canine.

Watch the video here:

“Watch Oakley rescue a beached pontoon boat just before the storm hit. The lake was getting choppy with a strong current. We swam around and Oakley took the mooring line in his mouth and turned this big pontoon into the current and pulled him to his walking depth! Just another day in the life of a water rescue dog with the American Academy of Canine Water Rescue,” the post’s caption read.

While many users hailed the dog for its impressive feat, many others were concerned about the animal. One user commented, “It’s amazing what they can really do. They are truly working dogs.

Another user wrote: “Wow! Great job, Oakley! You are such a swimmer!” A third user commented, “Which cruise liner was not available?”

The dog was trained under the American Academy of Canine Water Rescue in Massachusetts. Water rescue dogs, including breeds such as Newfoundlands, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, are trained to undergo rescues from boats, jet skis and even helicopters, according to the Dailymail.