A Dog’s Cute Reaction To Trying Cauliflower Totally Captures Our Hearts

It’s the big smile that attracts us every time.

It’s important to eat your vegetables, whether you’re a human or a dog, ask Django! This hungry dog ​​enjoys snacking on snacks with the help of his human mother, and the results are totally binge-worthy. If you’re anything like us, you might find yourself browsing his TikTok account – @djangosmiles.

As his username suggests, the silly dog ​​smiles to show his happiness, just like a person would! Whether or not he smiles for a bit of cauliflower, however, his reaction is everything.

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LOL – who knew he would be such a huge fan? Even though his bites are a little tiny, he opted for a second piece. Turns out he has quite a sophisticated palate! As surprised as we are that this veggie was such a hit, nothing can outshine Django’s smile…even the most liked comment in the video!

“👩🏻: do you like this? 🐶: 👹,” @thyartisbreya wrote. LMAO! We’ve never seen this emoji used so precisely, even though Django isn’t the least bit monstrous. He still has a devilish smile! No wonder commenters like @stephaniehauser_ are in awe of the sweet pup. “God, I love this baby so much,” she wrote. How could you not?

“Are his bites ever sweet?” asked @monikorn11. We doubt it! From his little bites to his expressive face, there’s so much to appreciate about the nice guy. He’s basically a hungry little angel!

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