A dog sitting like a ‘distinguished gentleman’ has the internet in stitches

A dog sitting like a “distinguished gentleman” is making the internet laugh.

In a video shared to TikTok by @the.radas on Oct. 6, a miniature Aussie named Moose can be seen sitting on his butt with his hind legs pointing forward.

TikTok users couldn’t get enough of the polite pup, with the clip receiving over 570,000 likes and over 10,000 shares in a single day.

What does your dog’s sitting position mean?

According to dog training specialists Paw Leaks, the Moose stance is similar to the “straight sitting stance,” where the dog sits upright. It’s actually a favorite position that dogs should learn as puppies because it’s good for the spine and posture.

Sometimes a dog’s sitting posture can indicate poor health. If your adult dog is using “puppy sit” – with his hind legs still to the side – it could be a sign of a health issue.

Also known as ‘lazy sitting’, dogs with sloppy posture can indicate spinal problems, arthritis or hip dysplasia, with vets recommending owners monitor any changes.

Another common sitting position is the “like a human” position, which is common in larger, long-legged breeds, such as Great Danes. It is theorized that dogs sit in this position to imitate their owners, or because they like their human’s reaction to the sight of them relaxing.

Portrait of an Australian Shepherd
A stock photo of an Australian Shepherd tilting his head slightly against a purple background. TikTok users called Moose a “distinguished gentleman” for his unusual sitting position.
MirasWonderland/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“Good Boy Feet”

In the clip, Moose owner Elisha can be heard laughing at his unusual sitting position while his younger brother dances around him.

“Look at those little legs? ” she says. “Why are you sitting like that?

Moose doesn’t seem to have an answer, instead staring at the camera with a confused look on his face.

“My dog ​​is not weird…your dog is weird,” Elisha jokingly wrote alongside the clip. TikTokers were very impressed, with user Brenda Cook calling Moose a “distinguished gentleman”.

“When my dog ​​does that, we call them his ‘good boy feet,'” Christine said.

“They’re not weird – They’re special!” writes Laya_Rose342.

“My little chihuahua mix sits like this!!” commented Mav&Mel. “We call it his little penguin position.”


To which Elisha replied, “He still wants those Treatos.”

Moose isn’t the only dog ​​making a splash when sitting down. A clip of a large dog apparently driving a car was described as a ‘boss’ by TikTok users in April, while two dogs refusing to sit still at their friend’s birthday party recently got internet in the stitches.

Newsweek contacted @the.radas for comment.

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