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While we adore our fur babies, there are certain parts of being a pet owner that we don’t adore. When you own a pet, especially a dog, pooping is a big part of the job. We caught the poo with a bag, and no matter what, something goes wrong. It falls on our hands, falls or the bag and has to get another one.

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Walking our dogs can be a hassle, but thanks to Amazon, we may have found a tool that makes walking our pets mess-free. Here’s another amazing thing: it’s 40% off for a limited time!

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Courtesy of DogBuddy

Dog Buddy Pooper Scooper

$14.99, originally $24.99

on Amazon.com

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The DogBuddy Pooper shovel
is a portable and efficient poop scoop that any pet owner can use! Available in four colors and three sizes, this handy shovel makes scooping up your fur baby’s poop a snap! With this scoop, you can put your poop bags in one holder, hook the leash clip to your leash or pocket, and use the handle to scoop up the poop! No more poo on your hands!

While we adore our furry friends, we don’t adore the stinky things that come from them. With over 6,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this stinky problem has quickly become a thing of the past for so many.

One shopper said, ‘Buy this now’, adding, ‘If you own a dog buy this without thinking. You’ll thank me later… When she leaves, I just put the bag on and pick it up and seal it. It’s so easy. Literally, you don’t even really have to watch it. And I love the fact that once I’ve tied the step, it sits securely in the shovel, which means I come home and just throw it in the trash. While our walks only last about 30 minutes, during those 30 minutes I can’t even feel it. (I’m sure longer periods and/or depending on the size of your breed/dog can cause variations.) But seriously, this thing is amazing! I like how it has the clip too; I can just tie him to the leash and go. It’s so simple and quick!

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