10 times we care more about the dog than the main characters

Many movies have had dogs playing supporting roles. These dogs are normally companions of the main characters. Their loyalty and emotional support make the main character think of them as family. Audiences tend to get attached to canine actors quickly, which is why most people want to avoid movies in which the dog perishes.

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The best-trained dogs are often able to upstage the main characters, even if they play small roles. A well-animated or good canine actor never fails to impress and more easily evokes a stronger emotional response from the audience. From animated family favorites like toy story to post-apocalyptic thrillers like I’m a legendsometimes viewers cared more about the dog than the main characters.

ten Boomer narrowly escaped death (independence day)

In independence day, Boomer is Jasmine Dubrow’s Labrador Retriever. When the big cities were destroyed by aliens, Jasmine and Dylan couldn’t leave because of traffic jams. They hid in a utility tunnel, narrowly avoiding a flying motorcycle. Jasmine called Boomer several times.

The public knew Jasmine and her son were safe, but Boomer’s fate looked questionable as he stepped over cars to join his family. He narrowly avoided the explosion that took the cars away, plunging into his owner’s arms. Fans were thrilled to see him survive.

9 Milo was played by a very well behaved dog (the mask)

Milo is Stanley Ipkiss’ Jack Russell Terrier and one of the best actors in The mask. Milo was extremely loyal, even going to the prison Stanley was held in. Milo jumped up to Stanley’s window and listened to his landlord’s request to grab the keys.

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First, Milo misunderstood and grabbed some cheese. He then went to get the keys from the guard, which caused a tense moment in which the guard nearly woke up. The public was extremely impressed by the intelligence of this dog who, for a few minutes, eclipsed everything else in The mask.

8 Toto was kidnapped by Mrs. Gulch (The Wizard of Oz)

In The Wizard of Oz, Mrs. Gulch wanted Toto shot. She thought he was a dangerous animal after he entered her garden and chased her cat. She asked the Kansas sheriff for her support on this, which meant that any resistance from Dorothy or her family would be against the law.

Despite Dorothy’s distress, Mrs. Gulch pushed a basket towards Dorothy for her to put Toto in. She managed to take it, but Toto was able to jump out of the basket as Mrs. Gulch rode her bike. He narrowly avoided death, returning straight to a relieved Dorothy.

seven Dante took a second to learn to fly (Coco)

In coconut, Dante was the dog of Miguel Rivera, as well as his spiritual guide. Although Miguel doesn’t know it at first, it was Dante who led him to Hector. He was loyal, gentle, and full of energy, bounding from place to place and grabbing food eagerly whenever possible. The other characters didn’t think much of him because he didn’t seem very bright, but he tried his best to protect Miguel, especially when Miguel fell off Cruz’s stadium.

When Dante revealed his spirit guide form, two wings appeared on his back. He was eager to try them, jumping off Pepita. He appeared to crumble to his death, which left Miguel and the audience concerned until Dante was seen flying through the air.

6 Samantha saved Neville from the virus (I Am Legend)

In I’m a legendSamantha was Robert Neville’s German Shepherd. For a long time, Sam was Neville’s only companion, as the virus had taken everyone he knew. Three infected dogs attacked them at dusk, and despite Neville’s protests, Sam fought off two of the dogs in order to protect him.

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This led to Sam being bitten and infected. Neville, knowing he couldn’t do anything else for her, held her in his arms and sang to her. He comforted her as much as he could before she tried to attack him. When she did, he had no choice but to kill her to keep her from biting him.

5 Frank The Pug had an unforgettable singing scene (Men In Black II)

In Men in Black II, Frank volunteered to be Jay’s partner, though Jay found him more annoying than helpful. Frank is a Remoolian who just can’t stop talking. When he got in the car with Jay, he stuck his head out the window and started singing “I Will Survive”.

Although the audience could understand Jay’s annoyance, Frank stole the show for a few minutes. This scene was even added to the movie’s trailer and remains one of the most vividly remembered scenes by fans. It also helped that the CG quality was impressive for a film released in 2002.

4 Slinky Dog tried to save Woody and Buzz (Toy Story)

In toy story, Slinky was as loyal as any dog. He was one of the few characters to believe in Woody, but he temporarily lost faith when he saw his friend holding Buzz’s detached arm. When Woody went to the moving truck to get RC, the other toys threw him out of the truck.

Upon realizing that Woody was actually trying to save Buzz, Slinky immediately regretted his actions. He tried to pull Woody back into the van, but he overstretched his body. Not only did he hurt himself in his attempt to save his friend, but he looked genuinely remorseful for not being able to pull Woody and Buzz into the truck.

3 Nana the nanny did not hold a grudge despite her expulsion (Peter Pan)

In Peter Pan, Nana was a dog, but she was still the one who took care of the Darling children. She prepared their medicine, picked up their toys and repaired their beds without being asked. When George tripped over Nana, the family rushed to comfort her for him. This angered him and he dragged her outside to put her in her kennel.

Nana seemed to accept her fate, letting herself be carried away and even offering the rope with sad eyes. Even George started to feel guilty as he tied her outside.

2 Kevin Sacrificed Himself (Snape)

In Thug, Kevin was Kate Ryan’s dog. When a tour group got stranded due to a giant crocodile attack, they wanted to use it as bait. When Kate was dragged away by the crocodile, it seemed like the end for her. However, the crocodile actually kept her alive, so he could eat her later.

Kevin, knowing his owner was nearby, ran into the cave the crocodile lived in. Pete followed him and discovered a seriously injured Kate. In order to give Pete a chance to save his owner, Kevin ran away to distract the crocodile. This culminated in a heartbreaking scene where he gets eaten out.

1 Spike was the victim of a facehugger (Alien 3)

When Ellen Ripley was rescued by a penal colony in Alien 3, the craft she was on contained a living facehugger. Spike noticed the facehugger and started barking at it. Unfortunately, he jumped on him and planted an egg inside him. No one was there to see his fate.

Despite the funeral taking place at the same time, the discomfort of seeing and hearing Spike in pain actually kept some viewers from focusing on Ripley’s sadness. It was a scene in which Ripley’s grief should have been the main focus. The special edition uses a dead ox instead, which is better for dog lovers.

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